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Anora O’Connor

Owner & Lead Photographer

Hi, I’m Anora: Wife, Mom, Sagittarius, Nonprofit Unicorn and your next photographer!

First, here’s the story of how A13 Studios was born…

So about 18 years ago (holy crow, I cannot believe it’s been that long) I was gifted my very first film SLR. Yup, film. Talk about an expensive hobby (and yes, I have the boxes of prints to prove it). But, I loved that camera, the adventures and the learning. Aside from photography courses in college, I learned by trying things and re-trying until I got the exact images I wanted. During college, I was challenged to enter some of my work into a contest, so of my six submitted images five of them won. The images were made into large prints that hung in several of the dorms at Northern Michigan University. After college, my journey led me in a different direction though my heart yearned for the creative. So, I continued my passion by using my SLR to capture images of nature, my kiddos, friends and family, always pining for a Digital SLR.

Then, Christmas of 2009, my boyfriend at the time (now my amazing hubby) gave me my very first DSLR! I immediately put it to work with friends and family which quickly transitioned beyond my circle to others requesting me. I decided to create A13 Studios as a small business, working out of my home in early 2010.

Why “A13”? Well, for those who know me, 13 is my favorite (yea, ok, I’m totally obsessed) number. Additionally, I tend to sign my name as “A” quite often in informal settings, so putting the two together just worked. I decided to go with “studios” because I wanted something that photography could be umbrellad under but something that could also take me beyond that in the future.

So here I am now with upgraded cameras, a partnership with A+ Event Entertainment and loving every minute of this creative life. As a Sagittarius, I love adventure and keeping busy. Working in the nonprofit world allows me flexibility to also continue to grow my small business working for YOU! I love working in my community in multiple facets.

Allow me to create a relaxed atmosphere using my super awesome jokes and silly laughs so your genuine personality can shine. I want to capture images that showcase your true authentic self! Shoot me an email or give me a call or text and let’s see if my quirky, fun and slightly awkward personality jives with yours!

Phone 231-675-3188

Email photos@a13studios.com

Anora OConnor Photographer
Anora OConnor Photographer Northern Michigan Photography
Jaime Soulliere Photographer

Jaime Soulliere

Associate Photographer

Bio coming soon!